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With over 20 years of running youth camps, our coaching staff has the knowledge and experience to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of an individual player and how develop each player to meet their fullest potential in a team setting.

Pitching Camps are offered January through February. REGISTER HERE

From the little leagues to the big leagues, everyone needs more pitching.  The goal of our camps is to educate youth baseball players on injury prevention, pitching mechanics, strength development, and the art of pitching using the most qualified instructors and computer video analysis.

NW Baseball Academy's pitching camps are designed for young pitchers who want to learn the core fundamentals of pitching.  The instructors use a proven process to develop pitchers.  These are a few of the points that are covered at each camp:

  • Develop proper pitching mechanics.
  • Utilize drills to teach new movements.
  • Introduce off-speed pitches and how to practice them.
  • Video analysis.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Mental side of pitching

"It helps if the hitter 
thinks you're a little crazy.", 
-Nolan Ryan

They are designed for the serious baseball player.  Players will work hard each day and will learn the benefits of discipline as it pertains to baseball.

Recommended for ages 9 to 14. The majority of the participants are league age 10-12. Participant to coach ratio 4:1. 

All Camps are held at our indoor facility in Lynnwood and run by Mark Potoshnik, Director of the Academy.